Black-Orchid-©Marc-Lagrange-EVER-MAGAZINE-2014 - Polaroid Chamber Nude Portraits - Black and White

EVER MAGAZINE is extremely proud to present you in absolute exclusivity a portfolio of belgian fine Art photographer's masterpieces, Marc Lagrange.

Living in Antwerp, Marc Lagrange only showcases his work through limited edition books and within major and rare exhibitions. 

They showcase gigantic prints of his photographic chamber portraits and sumptuous compositions, mixing erotism, decadence and theatrical stylism, carried out integrally by his wife.

A selection of exceptional models and phantasmagoric places embellish his muses’  subtly dressed bodies and confer Marc Lagrange’s images a timeless and from now on Classique esthetics


In this early XXIst century, Lagrange impose himself as one of the major actors of the photographic landscape and Art market.


EVER MAGAZINE offers you therefore "Greatness And Decadence" to devour in full screen mode.




Marc Lagrange showcases his Photographic Chamber Portraits and other original pieces in Paris from May 14th to June 7th 2014 in the Galerie Schwab Beaubourg.

He is represented by Carole Congos, founder of the Kaptive Agency in Paris.